The Long Dark gets new region, cooking system in ‘Vigilant Flame’ update


Hinterland Studio has released a new update for its survival game The Long Dark, and it includes a new region, a manual cooking system, and lots more.

The Long Dark released last year after a lengthy Early Access period (here’s us talking about it), but developer Hinterland Studio has not stopped working on it. This week, the studio released a new update for the game, titled ‘Vigilant Flame’. This update is a fairly big deal, because it adds a new region, a manual cooking system, a narrative collectible called ‘buffer memories’, and a ton of fixes.

Here’s how the devs describe the new Hushed River Valley Region:

Hushed River Valley is a multi-leveled Region that connects to Mountain Town, extending some of the same difficult terrain you see around the town of Milton. The new Region is full of waterfalls, rivers and streams, and lots of cliff areas, but includes no man-made shelters. It’s a highly challenging wilderness area, but keep an eye out for natural shelters, supply caches, and perhaps a mysterious Signal Fire to guide your way.

The new manual cooking system means that you physically put food items on stoves or campfires and wait for them to cook. Your food can be undercooked or overcooked, so you’ll have to pay attention to the time while cooking.

As for buffer memories, here’s what they are:

These are the last documents stored in a computer’s memory before all the technology around Great Bear and beyond, was suddenly rendered inert by the mysterious aurora. Now, when the aurora appears at night, you might see some computer terminals display snippets of notes, emails, reports — information that provides more background on the world of The Long Dark.

Check out the trailer below for an overview of Vigilant Flame. For the complete deets on what the update does, check out this official forum post.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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