Main Assembly will let you design and program robots later this year

In Main Assembly, you get to design the nitty-gritty of robots and program them visually. It’ll be out in Early Access later this year.

Swedish developer Bad Yolk Games has announced its debut title: robot simulation game Main Assembly. In this free-form creation-based game, you’ll be designing robots, programming them with visual scripting, and then having fun with them with realistic physics simulation. You can also mess around with your friends’ robots in multiplayer mode.

Here’s how the devs describe the game:

Create unique ways to overcome various challenges in single-player or jump into the Sandbox where you can craft and play alone or with other players. Challenge yourself and your friends to create the most exciting looking robot using a freeform crafting tool and modular parts, and then control them through powerful visual programming. You can also customize your robots by changing the colour palette and drone cosmetic accessories for that personal touch.

The game features destruction physics, and aerodynamics for its simulation. Apart from the sandbox and multiplayer modes, there will also be singleplayer challenges to beat using your own creativity and ingenuity.

Bad Yolk Games is based in Uppsala, Sweden. Although this is the studio’s first game, the team itself is composed of veteran developers who have released over a dozen AAA games between them. Bad Yolk Games is self-publishing the title at present.

Main Assembly will release in Early Access form in the fourth quarter of this year (i.e. October, November, and December). It will launch exclusively on PC via Steam. It is expected to hit its final release sometime in late 2020.

For more information on Main Assembly, have a look-see at its Steam page here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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