Comedy puzzler Maize gets a release date trailer with a robot bear in it

Maize, a game about talking stalks of corn, now has a December release date. Here’s a new trailer introducing you to your new best friend, Vladdy.

Maize is one of the prettier looking indie games I’ve seen lately, powered by Unreal Engine 4 to render imposing barns, fields of corn and research laboratories. Despite the photorealistic graphics and incredibly detailed corn-face seen in the screenshot above, it’s a thorough comedy, and we don’t see enough of those in games, so that’s one reason to celebrate.

The game is described as a first-person puzzle adventure, in which a couple of scientists misinterpret a government memo and end up making sentient, talking corn. Also, there’s a Russian robot teddy bear involved, which I’m sure will probably all make sense eventually. Or maybe it won’t.

According to Toronto-based developer Finish Line Games, Maize will be releasing on 1 December, putting it at less than a month away. Surprisingly, there’s no real gameplay footage yet, which is mildly concerning, but perhaps Finish Line Games simply don’t want to give away any jokes?

Anyway, here’s the new trailer, featuring Vladdy, your “new best friend”. According to Finish Line Games’ latest blog post, he’s a very grumpy one, and he’s going to be your sidekick in your corn-based adventures.

Comedy games live or die by their jokes and timing, so it’s going to be interesting to see how well Finish Lines Games’ debut project fares in that regard. Will it hit the comedic heights of, say, Jazzpunk?

Also of note is that Maize is supported by the Canada Media Fund, which has also funded games like Outlast and Consortium in the past. Also involved is the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Maize will be releasing on Steam and Humble Store for Windows only. Check out its official website here.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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