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Eco, developed by Strange Loop Games, is a global survival multiplayer game where it is not just the players that must survive, but also the world in which they inhabit. Unlike a recently hyped-up release, Eco does not offer a universe of skin-deep planets. Instead it offers a single planet with a deep ecosystem with thousands of plants and animals. In Eco every action has a consequence.

Eco - Planet

Eco provides a multiplayer world where server-wide perma death can be caused by the players’ own mistakes. Furthermore, there is a world destroying disaster on the horizon which players prevent by developing their civilization and advancing technology – but in a way that hopefully does not consume all their finite resources.

In essence, Eco is a simulation of the real world. Global warming is threatening our long-term existence and we must collaborate to combat this looming danger whilst satisfying our short-term needs. Eco facilitates this concept by incorporating systems such as laws which groups of players can apply to their server in order to help manage resources.


Eco – Kickstarter Trailer

In the latest Alpha 4.2 update, Strange Loop Games has focused on developing an in-game economy.  This is orientated around rewarding the players’ crafting of items and use of their skills tree. Two key additions include transportation and the introduction of calories. These systems ensure that planning and cooperation are essential for the transportation and maintenance of heavy resources and food supplies. Coming soon is Alpha 5, which will include the scientific models for climate, habitat, irrigation and pollution systems.

Eco is a tremendously ambitious game that looks to develop a real-world scenario by developing layers of systems which interact with each other. Unlike other survival games which randomly generate environments with superficial depth, Eco aspires to do the complete opposite.

Eco is yet to have a release date, but the alpha is available on Windows for $40 on their website. Paying for the alpha also includes access to the beta version and final release of the game.


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