October 6 is One Special Day: Buy games to support charity

On One Special Day, you can help raise funds for SpecialEffect, a charity making games more accessible to physically disabled gamers.

Gamers’ charity SpecialEffect has designated Friday, October 6th as this year’s “One Special Day“, which is when associated partners will make a donation of the day’s revenue from their games to support physically disabled gamers.

October 6 is One Special Day: Buy games to support charity

SpecialEffect is focused on providing advice, assessments and customized technology loans to help physically disabled gamers experience the joy of video games. The charity then shares its findings back to the game industry, thereby helping make games more accessible to everyone.

Among the partners for this year’s event are Electronic Arts, Xbox, Supercell, The Yogscast, PlayStation London, and many others. The One Special Day sale will also be live on Steam on the date, so you can grab yourself games while supporting fellow gamers at the same time.

One Special Day has been a regular feature in the games industry since 2015, and it has grown into a charity juggernaut. In 2022, over 90 partners helped support a massive £660,000 donation to the charity. SpecialEffect has released a 12-page PDF where you can learn more about the impact One Special Day has had.

This year’s Steam sale will run from October 5 to 8, and a Mobile sale will run on October 6. Apart from buying games to help raise funds, you can also buy merchandise or donate directly. For more information, check out the official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke