One Special Day is on 4th October: buy games to support disabled gamers

Gamers’ charity SpecialEffect is hosting One Special Day on Friday this week. Here’s how you can get in and level the playing field.

If you’re looking for a good day to buy games, then 4th October, that is this very Friday, will do particularly fine. Charity SpecialEffect has announced that the 4th of October will be the One Special Day of 2019. What’s so special about this special day, you ask? Why, it’s the day that developers and publishers donate their UK or global revenue to SpecialEffect and further their excellent work towards supporting disabled gamers.

The short of it is that SpecialEffect uses technology to bring video game enjoyment to gamers with disabilities. Here’s what they do in more detail:

On One Special Day this year, the goal is to raise £350,000. A number of developers have already signed up to support the event, including Failbetter Games (who made the brilliant Sunless Skies; our review here), Paradox Interactive, EA, Criterion Games, Ghost Games, and more.

The full list of qualifying games that you can buy to support One Special Day will go up on Thursday, i.e. 3rd October at 1pm.

There’s a lot to expect even apart from buying games, though. Here’s what’s in store according to SpecialEffect:

Many of our partners will be running events, promotions and livestreams to raise vital funds. There’ll be an awesome Humble Bundle, a skydive by PlayStation London Studio, a gold-plated Xbox One auction by Rare, livestreams by Criterion Games, RPGG Media and others, pin badges from Insert Coin, a Marioke evening by SEGA Hardlight, a bake-off by TAG Games and much more… or you can simply donate!

Have a look at the official website of One Special Day over here. You’ll also find the official website for SpecialEffect here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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