Orangeblood is a 90s hip-hop-inspired JRPG that’s releasing next month

Orangeblood may be a JRPG, but it still ain’t nothin’ but a G thing. It’s coming to PC next month, and to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One later.

Publisher Playism has announced a new JRPG to the line-up of games it is publishing in the near future. The game’s called Orangeblood, and it comes from one-person developer Grayfox Software, which is based in Japan. It releases for PC on 14th January 2020, but versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch will release later that year.

Orangeblood is set in a retrofuturistic version of the 1990s, and its theme blends anime-style “kawaii” characters with gritty gangsta hip-hop and g-funk music. It’s an… interesting combination to be sure. The game takes place on the island of New Koza, located off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, where gangsters rule.

Here’s the plot:

Guide Vanilla, a prisoner of a gang war offered her freedom in exchange for completing a top-secret mission shrouded in mystery. Vanilla will build a crew of tenacious-yet-cute companions to help earn her liberty, and mayhem as well as sweet loot drops ensue.

And here’s the trailer:

How does this interesting mash-up of influences come about, you ask? Here’s what developer Grayfox says, according to the press release: “I wanted to make an immersive story with g-funk tunes where the only things that matter are your guns, sweet shoes, and the good times you have with them. Randomly generated gear means each encounter can be just as unpredictable as the island of New Koza itself, but the good times will be guaranteed.”

There doesn’t seem to be an official website for Orangeblood at the moment, but you can check out the page for it on Playism’s website, as well as the Steam page.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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