Party Hard 2 is going to crash your party when it releases next month on PC

tinyBuild has revealed that the sequel to Party Hard will release in October, exclusively on PC. Here’s a look at the dark Hitman-esque antics in store.

Video games have always fulfilled some of our most ardent, most human desires in video games. Whether it’s taming dragons or flying spaceships, saving the world from crime or fighting wars, nothing is off-limits. One of the most ardentest and most humanest desires, however, has to be of stopping a loud party. No fun allowed, ladies and gentlemen, no fun allowed. Party Hard is back with a vengeance.

Publisher tinyBuild has announced that Party Hard 2 will release on 25th October, which less than a month away. The game will release exclusively on PC for now.

Have a look at the new trailer for the game, which smells of violence.

The game is (not surprisingly) brief with its plot. Here’s the full extent of it, courtesy the official Steam page:

You got fired. The only logical thing to do is to crash the corporate party, and stop it by any means. Your trusty knife and mask will help.

Thaaat’s it.

If you’ve already played the original Party Hard from 2015, you’ll want to know what’s new. Apparently you’ll be able to use Party Vision (not to be confused with Witcher Vision, Eagle Vision, Bat Vision, or any other assorted ‘visions’), which lets you quickly scan a room for objects and people. You can also take out multiple targets using the Multi-Kill ability, and you can pick up up to 3 extra items now.

For more information on Party Hard 2, check out the official website here.

For more sneakly sneaking, consider Mark of the Ninja, which is going to get a remastered version next month. If you’d prefer to be on the other side of the law and just shoot everything up (just like real cops), consider Door Kickers: Action Squad.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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