Pathologic 2 gets a May release date for Steam, and also a bizarre trailer


Coming from the dev of cult indies The Void and Knock-Knock, Pathologic 2 will have you trying to save a town from a plague over the span of 12 days.

Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge is back, and it’s bringing Pathologic 2, a game about trying to save a secluded town from a plague. ‘Trying’ being the keyword, because you’re most likely not going save everyone. Points for trying though, I hope?

Publisher tinyBuild has confirmed that the game will launch on 23rd May this year. This release date is only for the PC release of the game, which will be on Steam. The game is also has an Xbox One version in development, which is expected to come out later this year. Gearbox will be handling retail distribution for the game’s Xbox One version.

tinyBuild has also put out an… interesting new trailer for Pathologic 2, which you can see below.

Although the title is marked as a sequel to the original Pathologic (2005), it is not a sequel in anything but name. Instead, Pathologic 2 is described as a ‘reimagining’ of the original game. In short, you don’t have to play the original game to enjoy this one.

Ice-Pick Lodge has a history with strange, abstract titles. Apart from Pathologic, the studio has also made The Void (2008) and the relatively much more accessible Knock-Knock (2013). An HD definitive edition of the original Pathologic was released in 2015, which was ported by General Arcade and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment.

For more information on Pathologic 2, check out its official website here. You’ll also find the game on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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