Pathway has an ‘Adventurers Wanted’ update that adds lots of new stuff

It’s time to return to the desert and slay Nazis, because Pathway has received an update that rebalances the game and adds tons of new stuff.

Look sharp, adventurer extraordinaire. The deserts of North Africa and the Middle-East are crawling with Nazis and cultists, and you need to stop them from making occult discoveries. That was the pitch for this year’s Pathway, which we reviewed favourably when it released. Well, turns out developer Robotality isn’t nearly done with the game yet.

The developer recently announced a new update to the game, titled ‘Adventurers Wanted’, which adds a ton of new content while also rebalancing what’s already there.

Have a look at the quick feature list if you’d rather just glance and be on your way:

But if you’d like to really dig into the meat and bones, check out the changelog on the Steam Discussion Forums.

Most interestingly, character skill trees have now been reworked. As a result, characters in existing games you’re playing will have their acquired skills erased. Don’t panic, though: you’ll be able to respec them to conform to the new skill trees. Armour will also work differently now, as it will function to reduce damage you receive, and will be itself reduced by weapons with a ‘shred armour’ attribute.

The new character abilities add some rather interesting ways to mess with your enemies that I wish had been present when I played the game. You can now throw bait that will draw dogs and zombies away from you, for example.

For more information on Pathway, have a look at its official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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