Ex-BioShock devs’ upcoming horror game Perception confirmed for PS4


Perception, in which you play as a blind heroine uncovering the secrets of a haunted mansion, will now also release on the PS4 thanks to a new publisher.

My killer perceiving skills have perceived that Perception will be sensing its way to the PS4, courtesy of Feardemic, a brand new publishing label focused on indie horror games. Feardemic is owned by the Bloober Team, the company responsible for an indie horror title themselves: Layers of Fear.

Perception developers The Deep End Games made the announcement over PlayStation Blog, where they introduce the game to their new audience. Perception, which entered development for a PC version following a successful Kickstarter, is a horror game in which you play a blind woman named Cassie who senses the world around her using her ‘extraordinary hearing’ and ‘razor-sharp wits’. After dreaming of a certain mansion, she tracks it down, and must now explore it to find out what’s up with it.

Cassie’s quest isn’t going to be a jaunt through the neighbourhood though, considering there is a fiendish presence called… well, the Presence that’s none too friendly. The gameplay involves having Cassie tap her cane, so that she can use echolocation to ‘see’ the world around her. Enemies are attracted by sound, however, so Cassie will have to balance her own need to sense the environment against steering clear of the monsters.

You can even lob alarm clocks to serve as ‘sound bombs’, which is something I do every morning, but not to ward off ghosts. Considering the developers behind this own previously worked on BioShock Infinite and Dead Space, it seems safe to say we can expect some expert-level spookiness.

Perception has no release date as of yet, but both versions of the game are set to release later this year. It’s the debut game for both developer The Deep End Games and publishing label Feardemic.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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