Puzzle platformer The Sun and Moon dives into the Xbox One soon

The winner of Ludum Dare 29, The Sun and Moon is a platformer about diving into the ground (without faceplanting yourself). It’s coming to the Xbox One.

No, not that Sun and Moon. This one doesn’t have any monsters you can put in your pocket, but it does have some sweet platforming. Daniel Linssen’s The Sun and Moon is headed to Xbox One on 27 January, releasing a little over two years after its Steam release, and less than a year after its PS4 and PS Vita release.

The game itself seems like a fairly straightforward platformer: there’s platforms and you have to find floating collectibles and then the exit. Piece of cake… or is it? Turns out there’s all manner of traps and hazards waiting to gut your little protagonist.

Traversing through the levels requires a twist: you can dive into the surfaces the platforms are made of, as if they were water. When you do this, momentum is conserved, but gravity reverses, making the game’s movement system a bit tricky. It’s also seems quite fluid, though.

The game includes over 150 levels, which are unlocked in a non-linear progression system, which is the best kind of progression system. The game also promises music be Dubmood, featuring what appears to be one ‘killer’ track that grows as you progress.

But I know you: you want to get your hands on this right now, for free. While the full game is behind a locked door that only accepts money for a key, you can give the original Ludum Dare prototype a shot. It’s available for free up on Itch.io here. I thought it was quite challenging, but then I probably shouldn’t have jumped to the final level right as soon as I started it.

If you’d rather not wait for the Xbox One release, you can The Sun and Moon on Steam or PS Store. You can also preorder the Xbox One version here.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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