Rift is a sci-fi action game being developed alongside a feature film

Developed by indie studio HaZimation, Rift is a third-person action game that, along with its feature film, is being made in Unreal Engine.

Indie studio HaZimation has announced its upcoming sci-fi action game Rift, as well as an animated feature film set in the same story universe. Both the game and the feature film will be developed using the same technology, that is, Unreal Engine 4.

The game’s sci-fi story has you protecting a kid named Max, who has special abilities, while escaping from a highly-secured research facility. The gameplay taps into the classic ‘Capture the Flag’ format, but adds a particular action-y twist to it. It plays as a 3D arcade shooter with elements of stealth and tactics, and you can also tap into Max’s potential during your escape from the facility.

You can use Max as a weapon when you have enough kill points, but you must be careful with using this ability. The more his pscyhokinetic abilities are used, the weaker Max gets, and if you use his abilities too much, you risk getting him killed (which kind of goes against the whole protect-Max objective).

Rift screenshot

Rift is planned to release in Early Access in March 2022, with platforms to be confirmed. The game’s full release will be on PC and consoles, but no specific consoles were mentioned. The feature film that accompanies the movie is planned for release later in 2022.

The game’s developer HaZimation is a micro-studio led by HaZ Dulull, who is directing the game and the film both. The project’s characters have been designed by Andrea Tedeschi, along with game development by Sam Rebelo.

Dulull and Tedeschi have previously worked on feature films The Beyond (2017) and 2036 Origin Unknown (2018).

For more information on Rift, check out developer HaZ Dulull’s Artstation and Twitter.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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