Road to Guangdong is a vibrant road trip adventure; coming to Early Access in May


The publisher of Jalopy is presenting a story-based road trip through the Chinese countryside. Road to Guangdong will be ready to play in May.

Jalopy proved that you don’t need a fancy supercar to have fun driving around in a video game. Its publisher Excalibur Games has apparently decided to capitalise on the broken-down-old-car-road-trip genre, as it has announced the upcoming Road to Guangdong.

In Road to Guangdong, you take on the role of 23-year old art graduate Sunny as she embarks on a road trip through China with her 68-year old aunt Guu Ma. Sunny has inherited her family restaurant, and now she must find her place in her family, as well as seek out secret recipes.

Although the gameplay involves driving and vehicle maintenance, Road to Guangdong appears to be an adventure game first and foremost. It’s heavy on story, and you will have dialogue choices that will determine Sunny’s character.

Have a look at the debut trailer here:

The game is being developed by Just Add Oil Games, which is actually something of an England-based supergroup composed of Team Lumo (art), Darbotron (design and programming), Chris Randle (music), and Yen Ooi (story). The developer of Jalopy is not involved with this project.

Road to Guangdong is scheduled to release on 16th May, in Early Access form. The developers expect it to stay in Early Access for 2-3 months, so we might very well see a full release later this year. The game is only expected to release on PC for now.

For more information on Road to Guangdong, check out the game here on Steam.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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