Colour-based party platformer Runbow arrives on Steam next week

13AM Games has announced that the madcap Runbow will be heading to PC via Steam, after debuting last year on Wii U. Here’s when to expect it.

Runbow is all about running, but has not much to do with bows. No, that might be more Apotheon’s thing: running with bows. In Runbow, however, you swipe through the colours of the rainbow, which can cause platforms to appear or disappear, depending on the colour of the platform and the background. It’s a little ingenious, and so far this rather colourfully creative game has been restricted to Nintendo platforms. No more, say the rainbow-drenched, ever-sprinting, Toronto-based developers 13AM Games.

On 18 November, Runbow will also be available on Steam. There will be over 140 levels, a number of indie guest characters and both online and offline modes to play around with. You can play with up to 9 players, almost as if it were a great option for parties (spoiler: it is). The devs also mention that there’s an Adventure mode.

The Steam page has not gone live yet, and there’s no new trailer for the game, but the launch trailer for Runbow Deluxe back on Wii U should give you a good picture of how the game works:

It’s party platforming, playable either local or online, at a rather manic pace. As if the platforming and your competitors weren’t enough to worry about, you also have to deal with colour swipes and disappearing platforms. It’s a recipe for disaster: like all good party games.

If you can’t wait a week and a half for the PC version, Runbow is presently available on Wii U, and you can get it from Nintendo’s store here. It’s also available at retail. A separate handheld version, Runbow Pocket, is in development for the New Nintendo 3DS. According to the eShop, it’s expected to show up in the first quarter of 2017.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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