Human sacrifice cult simulator The Shrouded Isle gets new trailer

In The Shrouded Isle, you must manage a village subscribing to a brutal cult and preparing for the awakening of an Old God. Yes, you can sacrifice people.

You’ve played management games before, but have you played a management game in which you were a cult leader preparing for the awakening of an Old God by conducting human sacrifices? The answer to that is no, and The Shrouded Isle is an upcoming game hoping to fill that tentacle-shaped hole in your heart. Publisher Kitfox Games has released a new trailer for the game that shows off the game’s stylish green graphics, and the decision-making gameplay involved.

Underneath the haunting, sickly look and the dark premise lies a game of careful social management as you must deal with the affairs of five families and their randomly-generated members. It’s your role to root out heretics, ensure everything is in order, and of course, conduct human sacrifices every season. Choosing who to sacrifice is not quite a jaunt in the woods, as families might be displeased with your choice of the sacrificial lamb. After all, you wouldn’t want your precious island village cult forgoing your tradition, would you?

The Shrouded Isle caught my interest with its unmistakeable art style almost immediately, but the premise just solidified it. It’s quite the unique take on simulation/management experiences, although it would be curious to see what tone and narrative the game eventually ends up driving towards.

The Shrouded Isle is being developed by an unnamed team that features programming by Jongwoo Kim, art by Erica June Lahaie, writing by Aurelien Folie and audio by François-Xavier Bilodeau. It’s being published by Kitfox Games, of which Kim is a member.

It’s slated to be released only on PC, on August 4th this year. Check out the official website here, and the Steam page here.

Via Dualshockers.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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