SIIMI – A moving adventure game about a journey to find one’s true self

SIIMI is a healing adventure game about loving oneself in an appearance-oriented society. Here’s publisher Gambridzy talking about the game.

‘SIIMI’ is a healing point-and-click puzzle adventure game, which follows SIIMI’s journey to remove all the leaves attached to her body. The game immerses players with its emotional story and its many delicate graphical touches.

Find True Self-Esteem

“Why do we have to be like trees? Why do we need to imitate trees? What is so important about ‘Treeness’?”

SIIMI finds it very difficult to follow the standard of beauty in her tribe, ‘MI’, and so she decides to get rid of all the leaves attached to her body.

Target : ‘0’ Score

Unlike many games that require players to acquire as many items and coins as possible, our game SIIMI asks players to take their score down to zero.

Players start the game with 999 leaves that cover SIIMI’s body, and over the course of the game, they must remove all the leaves down to zero.

That is the point where players can be healed.

Various Characters across a Total of 5 Maps


Siimi game screenshot


There are different MIs that SIIMI meets during her journey. Here’s an overview of the characters in the game:

  • SIIMI: The protagonist, who is brave enough to explore a new life
  • NARMI: A narcissist who tries really hard to mimic trees
  • BIGMIUP: Actually BIGMI, who chose to hide outside of the village as she cannot imitate trees.

There are a few more supporting characters, which make the game more full and dynamic.

The maps in SIIMI are designed like fairy tale illustrations. Each chapter has its NPCs and different MIs.

Siimi game screenshot

The leaves attached to SIIMI can be dropped in various ways and provide both fun and healing elements.

Siimi screenshot

So far, many players have said that the level of the puzzle is not that difficult but still challenging. 

We hope many people can play SIIMI, find their true self and learn to truly love themselves.

You can find the game at its official site here, and you can connect with the developers here on Twitter.

The game is available on Steam, Google Play Store, and App Store.

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