Super Lovely Planet announced, and it’s a third-person platformer

Quicktequila has announced that the third game in the Lovely Planet series is called Super Lovely Planet, and that it will have a total change of genre.

Thought Lovely Planet was all about shooting things while wondering why you can’t vault over giant sushi rolls? Super Lovely Planet changes all that up, and throws a yellow ball straight into your hopes for an annualised Call of Duty-esque shooter franchise involving sushi rolls and red bubbles. No, this time, developer Quicktequila is diving into 3D platforming.

As with the two previous Lovely Planet games, Super Lovely Planet will have ridiculously simple controls: you jump, and that’s it. Jumping is what will get you from platform to platform, it’s what will let you avoid hazards, and jumping is also how you’ll deal with your enemies. If that reminds you of old NES platformers, then you’re right on the money. Quicktequila has revealed in extensive development diaries that the game will, in essence, be like a really difficult NES platformer, but in 3D. You will die a lot. And it will be lovely.

Super Lovely Planet will also be the last journey to Lovely Planet, according to the developer. The game will reportedly feature a story, but “the game never tells you about it”. There will even be NPCs, and they may even have a line of dialogue!

I’ve reviewed the second game in the series, Lovely Planet Arcade, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Quicktequila is one indie dev to watch out for, and it should be interesting to see if he can make NES-era platforming palatable to modern players.

Super Lovely Planet is coming out on Steam for PC and Mac platforms. No release date has been announced yet, but the Steam page says that it will come out some time this year. Here’s the super lovely official site.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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