Brutal, minimal platformer Super Lovely Planet out next week; new trailer up

Super Lovely Planet will release this month, and developer QUICKTEQUILA has put up a new trailer that shows off the game’s bouncy, not-so-zen-like vibe.

Super Lovely Planet has a release date, and it’s as early as next week, developer QUICKTEQUILA has announced. The game is set to release on Friday, 28th July and will be available on Steam and Humble Store, for PC and Mac. It is the third game in the Lovely Planet series, following the shooters Lovely Planet and Lovely Planet Arcade, the later of which we quite liked in our review.

We reported on the game back when it was announced in February, and the game seems mostly the same as it was announced back then. Super Lovely Planet is a 3D, third-person platformer in which you control a featureless yellow ball. Your goal is to roll and bounce your way to the end of the level, but in true Lovely Planet fashion, it’s going to be brutally hard and you’re going to have to try and over and over again to get things just right. As the developer describes it, Super Lovely Planet is a classic NES platformer in a 3D garb.

Apart from beating up boxy foes, avoiding spikes and collecting stars, you’ll also find NPCs to talk to. There’s also plenty of secrets and shortcuts to be found, although one wrong step will take you back to the start of the level.

According to the developer, Super Lovely Planet will be the last outing to the Lovely Planet universe (planet?) and this game will let you revisit ‘iconic’ locations.

Here’s the new release trailer:

Here’s the official website.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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