Corpse-happy platformer Super Rude Bear Resurrection to release in May

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a game about using your failures as a stepping stone to success. And by failures, I mean impaled teddy bear corpses.

Why bury or cremate your dead when you can use them as convenient cushions to avoid spiky traps? That is the metaphysical question posed by the brutal platformer Super Rude Bear Resurrection. As the developer puts it, this is a game where each time you die, the game actually gets easier: thanks to the corpse left behind by your previous incarnation. The game’s motto is that anyone can beat it—the question is, how much will you die before getting to that point.

Forging ahead with the belief that anyone can beat the game given enough time, Super Rude Bear Resurrection appears to have gone completely insane with how difficult its levels seem to be. There’s an absurd number of things that will kill you on any given screen in this game, including spikes, saws, stalactites, homing missiles, boulders, and I’m not even sure what else. The developer calls the game ‘masocore’, and it’s not hard to see why.

Surprisingly, there is a story behind the madness, and it involves a gangsta bear from East London ending up in medieval England. And yes, I’ve consulted with a historian, and this game is a perfectly accurate representation of medieval England. The average life span was low then, man.

The game also features a massive 73-track soundtrack by British artist Deeco. Each level has its own track.

Have a look at the new trailer below.

According to an announcement by developer Alex Rose, Super Rude Bear Resurrection will release on May 2nd for PS4 and May 5th on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux). Here’s an official website, and the developer even has a Discord for the community.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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