Supergiant’s fresh new RPG Pyre out on PC, PS4; soundtrack released

From the makers of Bastion and Transistor, Pyre is about exiles fighting in ancient competitions of skill. And being a Supergiant game, it’s got a sick OST.

Supergiant Games’ latest, Pyre, is out today on PC, Linux and PS4 platforms, where it will compete in an ancient rite to entertain and challenge you (provided you pay for it some).

Supergiant has also released the official soundtrack for the game, which you can listen to on its YouTube channel, or buy at its store. I’ve been listening to it, and feel that composer Darren Korb’s work is evocative as ever. And of course, there is a terrific vocal track.

Indie developers are a dime a dozen these days, but not very many truly stand out on the same level Supergiant Games does. Their previous projects, Bastion and Transistor, have both been powerfully emotional experiences with strong audio-visual presentation. While Bastion was an actiony bash-em-up, Transistor was an interesting cross between action and RPG, a somewhat different take on real-time-with-pause combat.

So what’s their newest game like? Pyre puts you in sports-like competitions, where the players (who are members of your party) are fighting to earn their freedom. It’s a proper RPG—with character sheets, stats, ability charts and everything—and the 3-on-3 combat is heavy on strategy. What’s interesting furthermore is that the game does not have any game over screens: if you lose a rite, the story goes on, just differently than it would have if you had won.

Reviews for the game are already out, and the game seems to be holding a strong 85 on OpenCritic so far. Here’s the obligatory launch trailer:

You can get Pyre from Steam (PC and Linux) and PlayStation Store (PS4 only).

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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