Surgeon Simulator devs’ Decksplash is Splatoon, but with skateboards

There’s no squids in this one, but at least you can have paint warfare on PC now with Decksplash: a game of splashing about with riderless skateboards.

Bossa Studios isn’t new to interesting game concepts. After making a thoughtful, incisive documentary game about the hallowed profession of surgery, they made a game in which you literally play as a slice of bread. Their next game is comparatively more conservative—which is saying something. Decksplash, the newest title from Bossa, puts you in control of skateboards that move on their own. Not only that, but they even seem to splash paint everywhere. There’s no story, but if there was one, I’d imagine it would be a fateful tale of the love child of a skateboard and a bucket’s worth of paint.

The game features 3v3 arena combat, with both online and local multiplayer. Your goal is to try to paint as much territory as possible by the end of each match, painting over your opponents’ paint. And of course, seeing as you control a skateboard, you can also do sick grinds and combos. The more you do grinds and tricks, the better your combo will be, which in turn increases the size of your paint splash. And while your opponents are building combos of their own, you can throw a spanner in the works by building up your “Shockwave” and disrupting their combo.

Decksplash does not have a release date at this point, but is expected to release on Steam Early Access sometime in Spring. PC is the only platform the game is coming out on at the moment. There isn’t much to see on the official website just yet, but you can sign up for an early playtest there.

Now excuse me while I go listen to Splatoon’s amazingly fun soundtrack.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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