Sylvio 2 takes you back to a scary family park and hands you a camera

Developer of the original Sylvio, Stroboskop, has announced that Sylvio 2 will be releasing later this year. Here’s what to expect (apart from more scares).

Sweden-based indie horror studio Stroboskop has announced that Sylvio will be getting a follow-up this year. Sylvio 2 will bring back the protagonist and setting of the original game, as Stroboskop states that it “continues the story of Juliette Waters and the solitude of Saginaw Family Park”. The game has been in development since 2015, and is now nearing completion. It is expected to release in autumn this year.

While the original game had Juliette Waters recording the voices of the dead, this time around you’ll be using a video camera. Perhaps there will also be a management mini-game where you can manage your new-found YouTuber life? I’ll have to save that idea.

There aren’t terribly many details on what to expect from the game, but perhaps that’s fair. It is a horror game after all, and knowing too much would spoil it. Stroboskop has released an announcement trailer for the game, which also doesn’t tell us much, but sure looks creepy as hell. It manages to be unsettling even without having any jump scares or grotesque imagery, which bodes well for the game itself. Sure the graphics don’t look the best, but what does that matter when you can create horror out of weird-looking graphics?

The original Sylvio released in 2015, and has mostly positive reviews on Steam. Last year, it saw a substantial update that improved graphics. This year, it was also ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sylvio 2, however, appears to be skipping PlayStation 4, and is only coming to Xbox One as far as consoles go. On Steam, the game will be available for PC and Mac. Here’s the official site, which has a few extra screenshots.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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