Terra Virtua Studios launched by metaverse platform Terra Virtua

Blockchain-powered metaverse platform Terra Virtua has announced its own game studio, alongside a partnership with Stainless Games.

Terra Virtua has announced the creation of a new video game studio under its umbrella, titled Terra Virtua Studios. The studio will create standalone games while incorporating metaverse and NFT elements, such as the parent platform’s exclusive ‘VFLECT’ characters. Company COO Doug Dyer will be overseeing studio production for the newly-launched studio.

Apart from developing its own games, Terra Virtua will also be a third-party publisher. It will be teaming up with Stainless Games to create an action-puzzler game for PC and mobile. Stainless Games is best known for the classic (and modern) Carmageddon games, as well Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers.

Backed by a hefty seven-figure budget, the game by Stainless Games will have players building a team of VFLECT characters and using their unique characteristics and abilities to conquer challenges and enemies.

Each VFLECT character is unique and has its own 3D metaverse avatar. The plan is to have these characters extend into the metaverse and transition across games, while retaining their unique characteristics, such as hair styles and costumes.

Although Terra Virtua Studios’ first game was not named or detailed, it is planned to release in late summer this year. The Stainless Games’ title will show up a little later in the year.

Terra Virtua has presently partnered with several brands for its blockchain-enabled platform, including Hero Indian Super League and Legendary Entertainment (Godzilla vs. Kong, Pacific Rim). The collectibles offered on the platform are available across Mobile, AR and VR devices, and can be traded on the marketplace.

For more information on Terra Virtua, check out their official website here. You can also learn more about Stainless Games’ over at their site.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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