Mobile Bowmanship Game Tiny Archers Released Today for iOS and Android

Defend your kingdom from goblins and orcs as a human, elf or dwarf in Tiny Archers. The game is now available, and free-to-play to boot.

Archery wouldn’t be possible without thumbs. It’s appropriate, then, that games about archery also revolve around thumbs. Tiny Archers brings the art of letting loose arrows into your enemies’ faces to your mobile devices. To play, all you have to do is to drag the aiming curve with your left thumb, and then let go to release your arrow. It’s really just like real life archery, except you might actually hit something this time.

The story is apparently told in flashback, which is a neat conceit. Three characters sit around a fire, one human, one dwarf and the other an elf (also described as a fairy). As they narrate their tales of valour, you get to live out their experiences in the gameplay. Each of the three characters is upgradeable, and there’s also unlockables such as magic arrows involved. It’s tower defence at its most literal, as you’ll find yourself sitting atop a tower and defending. And the defending might get tough: enemies can attack from five different directions, and five different layers of attack.Tiny Archers

Despite its typically mobile-ey, family-friendly appearance, the game actually packs features for players older than 18. No, don’t expect any visual novel dating hijinks (although that would be interesting). What you’ll get instead is a mode with blood, exploding bodies and a kill-cam that shows off your headshots in excruciating slow motion.

Tiny Archers is the newest game by 1DER Entertainment, the same folks who developed Striker Rush, which we’ve covered in the past. You can play it now by heading over to the Google Play Store for Android, or the App Store for iOS. You’ll need either an Android 4.1 or iOS 6.0 device or later to play.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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