Tiny Metal gets November release date under new Sony label Unties


Sony Music Entertainment has started up a new indie publishing label called Unties, and Tiny Metal will be its first release. Expect the game in November.

Prepare for war—tiny war. Tactical war game Tiny Metal will release on PC, PS4 and Switch on 21st November. The announcement comes from, surprisingly, a new indie label known as Unties that is actually the publishing arm of Sony Music Entertainment. It’s unclear how much interaction there is between this branch and Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is the arm that handles PlayStation and most, if not all of Sony’s presence in the games industry.

Tiny Metal is a cutesy-looking game that deals with the surprisingly grim topic of war and the philosophy behind it. It’s primary inspiration seems to be obvious: Advance Wars, that venerable tactical game series from Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS days. While Nintendo seems to be ignoring that franchise for now, we can always count on indies to fill that gap.

The game is being developed in Japan at indie outfit Area35. Here’s more information, straight from the devs:

Play as Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries, as he commands his units to victory against the villainous nation of Zipang.

There will be several friends and enemies along the way with varied factions, units, and abilities in the 8-10 hours of single player campaign gameplay. Players will have to carefully consider varying terrain, positioning for attacks, and strategic advancements and defenses.

And here’s the last-released trailer for the game, which was shown off at PAX West this year.

For more information, screenshots, system requirements and more, check out the official website.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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