Here’s the Top 10 Indie Game Releases of November 2017


November wasn’t the biggest month for indie games, as most titles appear to have steered clear of AAA giants. Here’s the ones we’re thankful for releasing!

Where would we be without indie games? Drowning in a large pile of lootboxes, no doubt. While bigger games grappled with lootboxes and whether or not they constitute gambling, our good ol’ indies scooted past with nothing but quality gameplay to offer for your hard-earned currency. Have a look at the bigger releases of last month below, in no particular order.

Sky Force Reloaded (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Infinite Dreams
Publisher: Infinite Dreams
OpenCritic Score: 83
Steam Reviews: Very Positive

Sky Force Reloaded is a classic-style shoot-em-up that calls to mind Sine Mora. It dazzles with its high production values and huge boss fights, apart from its hectic shooting gameplay. Also available on iOS and Android.

Hand of Fate 2 (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Defiant Development
Publisher: Defiant Development
OpenCritic Score: 81
Steam Reviews: Very Positive

The long-awaited action RPG Hand of Fate 2 brings back the Dealer, who will toss card after card at you in a board game where the stakes are life or death. The game appears to have been received well like the original, and if you liked the board game/action RPG hybrid of the original, you should have no trouble settling into this one.

Tartarus (PC)

Developer: Abyss Gameworks
Publisher: Abyss Gameworks
Steam Reviews: Mixed

Tartarus puts you on a spaceship that’s going to crash into Neptune, and the only hope is you: the cook. Expect complex hacking mechanics and brutally hard puzzles. The game recommends bringing paper with you, so know what you’re getting into.

Haque (PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: SuperTry Studios
Publisher: SuperTry Studios
Steam Reviews: Positive

Haque is an indie roguelike with some really old-school graphics. Pick a character and get ready to die a lot in varied, procedurally-generated environments. A detailed interface and lots of items and enemies really make this a meatier adventure than it looks. And you can adjust the screen grime.

Oure (PC)

Developer: Heavy Spectrum Limited
Publisher: Heavy Spectrum Limited
OpenCritic Score: 54
Steam Reviews: Mostly Positive

Oure reminds us of Ico, but lets you play as a kid who transforms into a dragon. As you fly about in the clouds, you must awaken the relics of a lost civilisation. This one doesn’t seem to have been received very well, but it’s a rare non-violent entry on the list.

Tower 57 (PC, Mac)

Developer: Pixwerk
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Steam Reviews: Mostly Positive

Tower 57 is an indie shooter set in a dieselpunk world where humanity has retreated into megatowers. You must co-operate with a ragtag bunch to infiltrate the reclusive Tower 57, with the emphasis being on co-operate. Best played with friends.

Uurnog Uurnlimited (PC, Mac, Switch)

Developer: Nifflas Games
Publisher: Raw Fury

Uurnog Uurnlimited has one of the oddest names we’ve seen, but the gameplay is thankfully not that far out. The game is a platformer where you must explore levels and steal all the animals for unspecified reasons.

Onimod Land (PC)

Onimod Land indie releases screenshot

Developer: Astralax
Publisher: Astralax

Onimod Land looks straight out of the 90s, and according to the developer, that’s when the project began. It’s a real-time strategy game focused on a sci-fi conflict between space settlers and the aboriginal population of the planet they are settling on. Expect fiendishly clever (but non-cheating) AI, and classic RTS gameplay.

Wuppo (PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Knuist & Perzik
Publisher: SOEDESCO
OpenCritic Score: 79
Steam Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive

Wuppo focuses on a lonely ‘Wum’ who has been evicted from his home and must find a new place to live. Apart from combat, you will have to use your social skills to solve problems and explore a world full of strange (and mostly adorable) creatures.

Cat Quest (PS4, Switch)

Developer: The Gentlebros
Publisher: PQube Limited
OpenCritic Score: 75
Steam Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive

Cat Quest is an open world RPG in which you must rescue your catnapped sister and defeat the evil Drakoth. There’s spells, real-time combat, character progression, dungeons, loot, and everything you’d expect out of an RPG. Also, there’s a ton of cat puns.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke