Top 3 picks: Humble GameMaker Bundle

The Humble GameMaker Bundle is available and you have 8 days remaining to take advantage of it! GameMaker is an accessible game development suite that allows players to quickly design and test game ideas. The GameMaker Bundle not only offers a variety of game design tools for Android, iOS and Windows, but also a vast suite of games and their source codes. There are three tiers to the bundle with the highest level costing £11.26, which provides all the game dev tools as well as 12 games and their source codes that players can gain game design tips from. Here are three games that future developers could learn a lot from studying.

Humble GameMaker Bundle Trailer


INK is a platformer where the player paints the environment as they navigate through the levels. The player uncovers new terrain by either landing on it or spraying paint by double jumping. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this mechanic also allows players to uncover their surroundings for gameplay purposes. Prior to landing on an area or spraying paint, the areas necessary for platforming are invisible. Every time the player fails and has to restart, the level resets, but the paint remains. The steam version of this game offers Boss encounters and new mechanics which provide new challenges to the game and speed up the gameplay.

This game’s source code could be very useful for players wanting to learn how to design a platformer.


Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror game which gives a strong agency to the player in defining their narrative. Playing in the shoes of a security guard named Tom, the player explores the facility and uncovers secrets which put him in danger. The game offers puzzle-solving, exploration and action, with the player’s performance determining later features of the game. For instance, if you are caught by an attacker early on, your character’s movement speed will be hampered for the rest of the game. Furthermore, there is also a lot of optional story content to uncover which could subsequently alter their gameplay experience.

Once again, since the GameMaker Bundle offers the game’s source code, this  gives the player the opportunity to learn how survival horror gameplay is designed and how puzzles and optional story content are constructed.


Solstice is a dystopian mystery thriller set in an exotic city. The game is a visual novel which puts a great emphasis on the player’s decisions in an emotionally complex narrative. It puts a strong emphasis on exploring how small personal disasters can turn into great catastrophes. The game offers beautiful artwork and multiple endings depending on the player’s choices.

This game’s source code could be very valuable for players wanting to learn how narrative choices are designed.

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