Wargroove set to release next week on PC, Xbox One, and Switch; later on PS4


As announced in the Nintendo Indie Highlights presentation today, Wargroove will release next week. PS4 players will have to wait a bit, though.

Chucklefish does what Nintendon’t, apparently. There’s no Advance Wars game in sight, but you might be able to command fantasy troops in tile-based battlefields as soon as next week. Wargroove, after a major delay last year, finally has a firm release date. It’s coming out on 1st February. That’s next Friday!

Chucklefish has also created a special cinematic trailer for the game, which looks anime as heck. It was animated by The Line animation studio, who have previously animated the music video for Gorillaz’s “Humility”. Here’s the trailer below:

As the trailer indicates, the February release date only holds true for PC, Xbox One, and Switch platforms. The game is “coming soon” for PS4. Furthermore, pre-orders for the game are only available on Switch right now. You’ll find the eShop store entry here.

For a full breakdown of the content that’s included in the release version of Wargroove, have a look at our previous coverage of the game here. There’s a lot to unpack there, so here’s a summary brought to you by developer and publisher Chucklefish:

Take to the battlefield with Wargroove, a strategy game for up to 4 players! Choose your Commander and wage turn-based war on battling factions. Design and share maps, cut-scenes and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools!

Chucklefish has previously developed the popular indie Starbound. It is also making its mark as an indie publisher, having most notably published Stardew Valley.

For information on Wargroove, check out its official website here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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