Retro-Style Adventure The Way Releases on PC, Mac and Linux

The Way is inspired by the retro games like Another World and has you exploring an alien planet while fiddling with teleportation and searching for the meaning of life.

Publisher PlayWay has their work cut out for them when it comes to promoting this game. Their name literally tells you to play Way. Alright, enough with the terrible jokes. The Way comes from developers Puzzling Dream, who have crafted a beautiful-looking game set on an alien planet that hides all manner of secrets and mysteries. You play as a member of a team of space explorers, unable to accept the death of your beloved. The protagonist decides to travel to the alien planet in question to search for the meaning of life, presumably embarking on… (dramatic pause) The Way.

The Way Screenshot 2

The Way wears its inspirations on its sleeve, hearkening back to the works of Éric Chahi, such as Another World and Heart of Darkness. The launch trailer for the game, to me, felt a lot like those classics: bereft of dialogue and conveying emotion and story through the world design and silky smooth animation (supposedly boasting 6,000 animation frames). The hand-dawn environments of The Way look very colourful, particularly in the outdoors.

As for gameplay, The Way promises lots of platforming as well as “mind-bending puzzles”. There’s also an element of teleportation to the game, which, as the trailer shows, can be used to outwit enemies as well as to solve puzzles. A montage of player deaths, not unlike a certain Dark Souls 2 trailer, makes me think that combat in the game is going to be no pushover. According to the developers, the game will offer around 10 hours of gameplay.

The Way was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter and greenlit on Steam, and is out now on Steam, Humble Store and (15 percent discount on all stores!). It is currently available only on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the publisher has said nothing about console or mobile versions of the game. Check out the official website here.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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