X-COM creator’s strategy game Phoenix Point funded within a week

Julian Gollop’s newest project, Phoenix Point, has been funded on Fig within a week of the campaign’s launch. Here come the first stretch goals.

Julian Gollop is perhaps one of the longest-active developers in the game industry, with a legacy that stretches back to early 80s games such as Time Lords, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards through the UFO series (better known as X-COM). While he made his grand comeback with Chaos Reborn, he isn’t resting on that game’s laurels. His next title, Phoenix Point is more in-line with the X-COM series, and is a turn-based strategy game in which one human squad must face off against hideous and dangerous monsters.

To fund the project, Gollop went to Fig, and the game’s crowdfunding campaign has met its $500,000 goal within a week. Backers are currently split close to half-and-half between pledgers and investors, with the pledgers having a slim majority. The campaign still has a while to go, and will only end on June 8th, so expect the total figure raised to be much higher than the original goal.

Two new stretch goals have been announced, the first of which is set to $650,000 and will allow for drivable cars within tactical battles. Apart from being used for retrieving items and people, vehicles may also provide heavy weapons support. A second stretch goal is set to $850,000 and involves a floating fortress, which can be used by the player to launch attacks on land targets.

Gollop is developing Phoenix Point at his studio Snapshot Games, which is based in Bulgaria, where Gollop has been living for the past decade. Here’s a development trailer, showing off some surprisingly polished footage of the work-in-progress game.

Phoenix Point is so far confirmed to be under development for only PC. It will launch on Steam and GOG.com.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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