Requisition VR – Craft a zombie-killing weapon from over 500 items

Partnership Article: Requisition VR is a made-for-VR shooter in which you battle zombies by crafting insane weapons from trash and duct tape.

When the zombie apocalypse hits, chances are you won’t get to loot a stocked arsenal full of shotguns and trip mines. You’ll have to survive with whatever you have at hand, and that’s exactly the experience Requisition VR promises with its insanely flexible crafting system.

Dream it, make it, attack with it

In Requisition VR, you can fight off the undead by using duct tape on a lamp and a fork to create the ingenious Kitchen Shocker. Got a lighter? Use a spray can to engulf the undead in your homemade flames. Whatever strange weapon or trap you can dream of, you can put it into practice with your (VR) hands.

Requisition VR screenshot

The game’s setting in suburban USA allows for a lot of everyday objects that you can fashion into makeshift weapons. Toilet plungers, toasters, cellphones, rebar, circuitry, knives, pizza boxes – no object is off-limits in Requisition VR.

You won’t be missing out on firepower, though – Requisition VR also lets you mow the zombies down with pistols, shotguns, rifles, and other guns. You can also do the mowing with a lawnmower, mind you.

Anything can be a trap if you believe

Your struggle to survive takes you through the town of Autumn, Nevermont, where you’ll fight at an abandoned gas station, a farm, a cabin in the woods, and an underground bunker. More maps are planned to be added through later updates to the game.

When you need to hold down the fort in these locations, you can craft traps to give yourself a defensive edge. For instance, you can make a pendulum trap that swings right down your target when sprung, or you can even make a ballista that lobs a projectile of your choice straight into your target.

Your creativity matters as much as your reflexes do in this game – after all, you can only wield your zombie-killing implement of choice after you’ve devised and created it.

Fight alongside your friends… or against them

You don’t have to do the crafting and bashing all by your lonesome, though. Requisition VR supports co-op for up to 4 players, and it also has a player-vs-player mode, so you can put your trash-built contraption to the test against other trash-built contraptions. Apart from these game modes, you can test your survival mettle against waves of the undead in the Horde mode.

The game features character customization that lets you pick your physical appearance as well as the clothes you wear. While you’ll get to pick from a wardrobe at the start, you’ll also find more clothes as you scavenge in the game locations.

Your outfit also has tactical importance in the competitive multiplayer mode – after all, you’ll have to be careful not to draw too much attention to yourself with flashy clothes. But is sacrificing fashion ever worth it? Your call.

Your one-way ticket to Autumn, Nevermont

This VR-only title has had its Early Access release in October this year, and its ambitious road map includes new maps, more advanced crafting, improved zombie AI, and Twitch integration.

And yes, there will be lots, and lots of potential new weapons.

Requisition VR screenshot

Requisition VR is out now in Early Access on Steam. Developer Arcadia VR plans to bring the game to the Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR 2 in the future.

The developers encourage players to join the official Discord server and help shape the development of the game by providing direct feedback. It’s also a great place to share the bizarre weapons and traps you’ve made and used in the game.

Check out Requsition VR here on Steam and on the official website here. You can also connect with Arcadia VR on Twitter here. Remember to stock up on duct tape, too – you never know when the zombies will come breaking down your door.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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