The Best Universities in the UK to Study Indie Games Development in 2023

Since the video games industry emerged in the 1970’s the UK has produced some of the best games and some of the finest game developers globally. This has meant there’s a robust higher education system in place to study indie games development with plenty of great options across the UK. Here we look into some of the best universities in the UK to study Indie Games Development in 2023.

Studying to gain the skills in games development is essential to any game developer and for indie game developers it’s just as important. Luckily for UK residents and international students there are plenty of options to choose from, should higher education be the route for you. When it comes to indie games, often developers will work in smaller teams or even ‘solo’ to make their game a reality. Many of the skills from broader courses will be relevant to indie gaming, but it’s important not to specialise too specifically in one area of games development. Studying is just one aspect of a games maker’s journey – taking part in game jams, getting relevant work experience and just simply making games, are also very relevant to the indie games makers journey. But below we we go into a selection of the best universities in the UK to study Indie Games Development in 2023. The Best Universities in the UK to Study Indie Games Development in 2023 2

The Best Universities in the UK to Study Indie Games Development in 2023

University of Hertfordshire – With an outstanding reputation in games development courses, the university offers a BA (Hons) 3D Games Art & Design, as well as a MA Games Art and Design, alongside many other specialist disciplines and online courses. The BA has a focus on preparing students for a career in games and boasts a connection with some big names in the industry. Students will be given a real experience in concept art, model and texture within real-time restrictions, whilst working in real-world studio environments. University of the West of England, Bristol – UWE Bristol provides a BSC (Hons) Games Technology course with a focus on the use of game engines like Unity and UnrealEngine to develop games for various platforms and gain first-hand industry experience on live projects with the university’s in-house studio, PlayWest. Studying at UWE Bristol is an exciting proposition and bridges the gap between the academic and professional development, ideal for all students but perfect for the indie game developer looking to stand on their own two feet as quickly as possible. Norwich University of the Arts – Ideal for the indie developer you will learn the end-to-end process of making games. Enjoy a first class education from notable academics and industry guest speakers. The university provide a BSc (Hons) Game Development, which includes a complete education in all aspects of making games. You will work with different technologies and platforms – including console, web, mobile, PC, augmented and virtual reality. De Montfort University, Leicester – Offering Creative Design courses which include Animation BA (Hons) and Game Art BA (Hons), De Montfort courses are designed to give you the skills you need to succeed in the thriving creative industries, whether you are passionate about working in animation, game art, concept and comic arts, graphic design or illustration. Learn from experienced academics who are practising industry professionals, and enjoy opportunities to showcase your work at national and international creative events, competitions and festivals. Bath Spa University – Bath is synonymous with games development and has delivered many great games studios over the decades. The Games Development BA (Hons) focuses on preparing students for professional careers in the games industry, enabling students to build a diverse portfolio to showcase their work, learn new creative and technical skills, and developer essential and in-demand skills. The course focuses on preparing students for careers in AAA and indie gaming studios, and provides access to an extensive industry network. Manchester Metropolitan University – The BSc (Hons) Game Design at Manchester Met aims to provide students with the skills to become industry leading game designers, ready for professional employment. The course focuses on the practical processes of making games and could be one for the budding indie dev look to be self sufficient. Students will build up a strong portfolio of games through their studies and have a chance to pursue specialist disciplines that specifically interest them. Glasgow Caledonian University – Scotland has a budding games development scene and consistently punches above its weight on the global stage. The GCU provides a BSc (Hons) in Games Development, in which you will use your imagination and creativity to study the technology and techniques in computer games to degree level and progress to a career as a computer games software developer or designer. The Games Development course allows students to specialise in one of two key disciplines within the games industry: games software development or games design. University of Portsmouth – Portsmouth University has developed a great reputation for courses in computer sciences and its Computer Game Design BA (Hons) course is very highly regarded. The course allows students to explore how games are constructed by learning a variety of theories – including systems, gameplay, psychology, user experience, and narrative. You can specialise as a programmer or artist, designing, developing, and testing games for different audiences using its advanced game development facilities. For an extra boost to your professional experience, you can complete an optional work placement. Abertay University, Dundee – Another great university based in Scotland, Abertay provide a BA (Hons) in game design and production, perfect for the indie developer looking for a well rounded degree. Developed for creative and technically minded people with a desire to become a key part of the games industry, this degree is designed to make you work-ready, teaching you game concept and asset creation, game prototyping, and production and leadership skills. Goldsmiths University of London – If you are looking to further your education, Goldsmiths offer a MA Computer Games: Art and Design, tailored to people who want to start a career in the games industry. Taught by game developers, the course will teach you game design, art & animation, and game programming, and has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and business. Where many students have gone on to create their own indie games. Birmingham City University – The BA (Hons) Video Game Design undergraduate course at Birmingham is a two year course which gives students a guaranteed placement in its in-house studio. The course has received many accolades and has been designed to develop skilled, team-orientated, reflective graduates, ready to succeed in the field. The course focuses on digital media asset production and communication, and promises by the time you graduate, a whole year before most students, you’ll have two years of tangible, games development studio experience under your belt, ready to launch your dream career as a games developer. The Best Universities in the UK to Study Indie Games Development in 2023 1

The Best Universities in the UK to Study Indie Games Development in 2023 

Our list of the best universities in the UK to study Indie Games Development in 2023 is just a chance to highlight some of the courses available, the most important thing to do is research options and find the best course for the individual. You can find a league table for animation and games design on the Guardian website and plenty of additional information about studying games design on the UCAS website, you can also find more advice and education resources through the UK games industry body UKIE’s website. Lastly, please take into account that not every indie game developer studies games development in higher education – you can get an apprenticeship, study online or even just start making games to teach yourself. But for many higher education is the logical option – that will give you transferable skills, create networking opportunities, give you a broad skillset and recognised qualifications.

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