Top 5 indie games of March 2020: The Into Indie Games Picks

In March’s indie games, we sat on a throne, solved a murder mystery, became a platformer baddie, searched for hidden stuff, and cast spells!

We certainly had a diverse crop of indie games in March. Whether you like story, strategy, action, or just seeking out hidden objects, there should be something that will pique your interest. It was a particularly good month for original concepts and indie games that were plain out different than the rest. We saw an RPG that has you managing an entire kingdom (while keeping a personal touch), a strategy game that still needs you to be quick on your feet, a murder mystery set in the 1990s that has you solving Picross puzzles, a puzzle platformer in which you’re a low-level baddie goon, and a hide-and-seek game set through history.

Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace screenshot

Platform: PC

Yes, Your Grace is a “kingdom management RPG” in which you control a king who must make the best of his limited resources. You’ll get to sit on the throne and listen to petitioners express their woes—before responding to them in the way you see fit for your kingdom. Apart from your subjects, you will also attend to your family and engage in diplomacy with lords and kings.

Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers screenshot

Platforms: PC, Switch

Murder by Numbers is a mash-up of Picross-style puzzles and visual novel storytelling, all set to the backdrop of a string of murders in 1996 Los Angeles. You play as Honor Mizrahi, an actress set to debut on a TV detective show, who finds herself solving real-life murders and uncovering dark conspiracies, all with the aid of an adorable robot. As you investigate and interrogate, you’ll also find yourself solving Picross-like puzzles. Think of it as Layton, but with Picross.


Wunderling indie game screenshot

Platforms: PC, Switch

Wunderling is a puzzle platformer with a surprising twist: instead of playing as a plumber, hedgehog, or knight, you get to play as a low-level goon. The Wunderling is no ordinary goon though, not anymore. This one’s learned to jump, but they still can’t change their direction at will, or even stop for that matter. Forced to run along a not-longer-set path, you will have to chase down the Hero and become the greatest low-level goon ever.

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden screenshot

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Switch

One Step From Eden is a fine blend of real-time action with thoughtful strategy, filtered through roguelike sensibilities. As you struggle to get to Eden in a post-war world, you will build a deck of powerful spells and then use them on your enemies, all while dodging bullet hell. The game also features multiplayer with co-op and competitive modes, so you can try to get to Eden with a friend (or fight them instead).

Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time indie game screenshot

Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android

Hidden Through Time is a game of hide-and-seek set against the backdrop of human history. As you progress through the four great ages, you need to solve cryptic hints and find enough objects to get to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled on the levels provided by the game, or go ahead an make your own, seeing as the game includes a map editor as well. You can also share the maps with everyone else, so you’ll be searching for a while yet.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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