Golf Story is a story-heavy Switch game about golf and so much more

Golf Story is a new exclusive for the Nintendo Switch that combines a bit of Stardew Valley, a bit of Earthbound and whole lot of golf.

Playing through Yakuza 3 lately, I’ve been absolutely hooked on the golf mini-game. Golf Story, therefore, could not have come at a better time in my life. With a title like that, you might think that Golf Story is really just a golf game, in a pixel-art-embroidered garb. Actually, Golf Story seems to be a proper adventure game, complete with a ‘dramatic’ story featuring ‘diverse’ characters. The best part about it? I’ll let the developers explain: “Tee up anywhere! You’ll be surprised by how many problems can be solved by hitting a golf ball at them.”

Your golfer will move through a range of environments, complete with both courses and towns. Are courses going to be the game’s equivalent of dungeons? The mystery! Also involved is puzzle-solving and upgrading your golfer protagonist as well as his equipment.

According to the devs, you can also expect “long driver tournaments, disc golf, mini golf and wee links … races, mowing, drone flights and geocaching.” Mowing! In a golf game! What will they think of next?

Here’s a proper look at the game, thanks to the announcement trailer. It’s got gorgeous pixel art, a protagonist with amazing hair, and diverse environments with names like “Cheekybeak Peak”. And of course, there’s quite a bit of golfery to be had. Not just regular golfery though, oh no. It’s possibly some of the most incredibly golfery I’ve witnessed. My spellcheck dictionary tells me that golfery is not a word. It is wrong. I just made it. It’s a good word.

Golf Story is under development at Sidebar Games, and is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, at least for now. It’s expected to release sometime in Summer this year.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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