HitBox: back to basics

HitBox offers a back to basics for online competitive multiplayer. It presents simple, fast-paced shooting and movement mechanics that are easy to pick-up but difficult to master. HitBox is boldly looking to restore a local splitscreen and online multiplayer experience that players have sorely missed in the modern gaming landscape.


Visually the games’ graphics are simple yet colourful and aesthetically pleasing. These undemanding visuals allow computers to run the game smoothly and produce a reliably high frame-rate. Furthermore, the simple visuals help the game stand out from the wealth of other competitive shooters on the market.

HitBox’s multiplayer options are also numerous. It offers up to 4 player local splitscreen multiplayer, computer AI players, and a full suite of online options. This includes 10 unique dynamic maps, 3 game modes and 4 classes with differing play styles. And all of this is experienced at a solid high frame rate.

HitBox: Official Gameplay Trailer

The game is being developed by a team of two, Tyler Rogers and David Colson. Over the game’s 2-year development process its mechanics have been tinkered to cater to a more competitive scene. This includes adding faster movement mechanics, reducing recoil and changing of the game’s name from Boxman Begins to a more cutthroat title, Hitbox. What motivated the duo to design the game was a burning desire to produce something new that was not “just another game” and not another re-skin.

The game shoots for release on Steam in late 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To find out more visit the game’s website.


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