Underrated comedy gem Jazzpunk gets a Director’s Cut for PS4

Necrophone Games’ Jazzpunk, one of the best comedy games ever made (true, objective fact), is coming to PS4 next month in a special Director’s Cut version.

Jazzpunk came out in 2014, playable on a number of computing devices that can render audio and video (at the same time), and it did something I didn’t even think was possible: bring sketch comedy to the video game medium. And while it’s at it, the game even managed to create a postmodern pastiche of various genres, blending cyberpunk with 1960s spy thrillers and film noir.

Now, it’s making its way to another computing device, the PlayStation 4. Jazzpunk will be getting a Director’s Cut version of the game just for PS4, to be released on 20th September. The Director’s Cut version will include new content, which the two-man team at Necrophone Games is rightfully being cagey about. Giving away Jazzpunk’s imaginative and bizarre jokes would do a disservice to the game.

In a blog post, the team does say that some of the content included in the director’s cut was cut from the original game. One feature they are talking about, however, is that the Wedding Qake multiplayer deathmatch mode found in the original game will now support split-screen play for up to 4 players. This mode will also include unlockable characters from the game, as well as a number of maps.

Necrophone Games has also put out a terrific and suitably weird trailer for the announcement, which you can check out below.

Jazzpunk is currently available on PC for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can get it off Steam. If you’re allergic to DRM, you might prefer buying it from GOG.com. Necrophone Games has made no announcement about whether the director’s cut will eventually make it to PC, but you can always keep your hopes up.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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