Kentucky Route Zero Act 4 Released, On Sale at 50 Percent Off

Kentucky Route Zero’s fourth act has been released without much fanfare, other than a commemorative half-price sale. After two years, it’s about time.

For a lot of people, Kentucky Route Zero is a game that’s competing with the Half-Life 2 episodic games to see who can take longer to finish. It seems that Kentucky Route Zero has blinked, however, and the game’s fourth act is now available to play. This is the fourth act out of five, and the fifth is promised to arrive within a year. Whether that happens or not is a whole another question, but this is most certainly a game that does not need to be rushed.

The game, inspired by the works of magic realist writer Gabriel García Márquez, follows a delivery man named Conway as he drives through Kentucky trying to locate an elusive address. Being a good ol’ fashioned point-and-click adventure game (well, not that ol’ fashioned), it’s focused entirely on its moody storytelling, as opposed to having you tinker around solving puzzles or shooting things in the face.

The game’s first act came out on 7 January 2013, and was quickly followed by a second act on 31 May that year. The third act took a year to show up, releasing on 6 May 2014. Since then, the game went on radio silence, leading many fans to wonder if the game had been cancelled or put on hold. Developers Cardboard Computer have repeatedly reassured them, however, that the game is indeed under development. The release of Act IV yesterday finally confirms that.

Kentucky Route Zero is available at a very reasonable $12.50 from the following stores: Steam,, and Humble Store. The sale is active up until 26 July, after which it goes back to $25. The game can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux. No console versions of the game have been announced so far. Act 5 will be released at some point “throughout the year or so”.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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