Maritime Calling – a seafaring RPG with roguelike elements

Hoist the mainsail! Maritime Calling is a roguelike RPG about captaining a ship and exploring the high seas. It’s up on Kickstarter now.

As Maritime Calling begins, it’s a miracle that your ship has survived a harsh battle somewhere at the edge of the known world. The ship and its crew are exhausted by the fight and by the long and lonesome journey, but this is no reason to abandon your goal of exploring new lands and coming back home with riches, glory and knowledge.

Maritime Calling screenshot

In order to fight or sneak through uncharted seas with collected loot and info, you’ll have to practically rebuild your ship from scratch, repair weapons and gear and gather resources during land expeditions to support your efforts. Expeditions in a form of text adventures will lead to plenty of difficult situations and life-and-death decisions for you.

Maritime Calling screenshot

Every sailor on your ship has his own skills, which will develop over time. They will also have character traits, which can be both useful for the journey and a source of danger and disaster. The captain will have to choose how to manage the sailors – to persuade, to bribe,or to punish.

Maritime Calling already has a demo version and is live on Kickstarter. You can view the Steam entry for the game here.

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