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The Button Witch is an adventure game that follows a young witch during her internship, and it’s out now on Steam and

The Button Witch, an adorable-looking puzzle adventure that was featured here on Into Indie Games a long time ago, is finally out on Steam and Itch and available in a “Magic Bundle”.

The Button Witch screenshot

What’s it about?

The Button Witch follows the story of young witch Ellen Button as she begins her internship at Thimble Mansion and slowly uncovers a terrible mystery, learning 8 powerful spells along the way!

The player gets to explore the whole mansion in its entirety, traveling through:

  • The huge Garden and hot springs
  • The first floor, that includes a Bar and several rooms
  • The second floor, with a master bedroom and more art-themed rooms
  • The balcony and clock-tower, inhabited by strange creatures called “Gargoblins”

…All the way to the final, Ritual Room, where choices and completion will lead to one of four different endings.

The Button Witch screenshot

Original stunning artwork

The Mansion is far from abandoned and you will meet many hilarious and beautifully illustrated characters, ranging from demon bartenders, to “gargoblins” and fountain turtles, all hand drawn by the talented italian artist Caterina Capogrossi.

Every character is developed in pixel art, along with a bust illustration (that changes expressions during dialogue), while the rooms and puzzles are all original illustrations in this same style.

The puzzles (and the guide)

The game is an escape-the-room style adventure, and offers different puzzles, ranging from the more logical-mathematical type to item combination and environment interaction. They are all handled via a keyboard + point and click interface except a couple Quick Time Events.

Spells are a vital part of this as the player will need, for  example, to turn on lights, freeze ponds and turn into a cat to progress with the story!

The game is being released in a bundle with an Artbook and Guidebook, that has over 70 pages of art, a walkthrough, and hints. There are 46 achievements that, if unlocked, give the player a small aesthetic surprise!

Quick Summary

After almost two years in development, and one year after their successful Kickstarter campaign, DDreams Games has released The Button Witch.

The web page has a downloadable free demo, and the game is out on Steam as well, packed in a bundle with Soundtrack and Artbook/Guidebook. Even after release, the game is being patched constantly to fix bugs and boost user experience.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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