Tough, retro-styled platformer Miles & Kilo headed to Switch eShop

If you’re looking for some very old school-style platforming on the Switch, you might want to keep an eye on Miles & Kilo. It’s from the maker of Kid Tripp!

Publisher Four Horses has announced that the NES-style platformer Miles & Kilo is headed to the Switch in the near future. While no firm release date has been announced yet, the publisher has announced that the game will launch sometime in 2018 on the eShop.

Described as a ‘super tough’ platformer, Miles & Kilo is a follow-up to the developer’s previous effort, Kid Tripp, which released on Switch and 3DS last year. If you’d like a taste, have a look at Kid Tripp on the Switch eShop.

Here’s what’s going on in the new installment:

After their plane is downed by a mischievous specter, Miles and Kilo find themselves stranded on a haunted archipelago. With their plane stripped of its critical components, their only hope of escape is to chase down a gang of thieving villains across the perilous landscape.

With its 8-bit pixel art graphics and fast-paced, unforgiving gameplay, Miles & Kilo makes no bones about what effect its going for. Nintendo fans who have owned the NES should be able to identify with the game’s style immediately. It’s only appropriate that the game releases on the Switch, then.

Here’s what you should know about the gameplay:

Both Miles and Kilo have their own diverse sets of moves and abilities: Miles can wall-jump, slide, punch, and toss fruit at pesky critters; Kilo can somersault through breakable walls and dash through the air to pounce on nearby baddies. Levels also feature a variety of rides, including mine carts, rope swings, surfboards, and more!

Here’s a look at the game’s Steam trailer:

Miles & Kilo is presently available on PC, Mac and iOS. Here’s the full deets on the Switch release.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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