Sine the Game – Control the Sine Wave

Sine the Game is a competitive arcade game with unique mechanics, beautiful minimalist visual design and original immersive audio.

In Sine the Game, you control a sine wave through levels while avoiding obstacles. The intuitive one-finger controls are easy to learn but hard to master.

The game contains over 40 hand-crafted levels with difficulty ranging from simple to painfully hard. The length of levels is usually short, allowing you to play anywhere (you can complete a level easily between bus stops). Even though the levels are short, you may not finish them quickly. As the difficulty rises, one attempt will definitely not be enough.

One Level, Different Goals

You may manage to get to the end of the level, but you are not done yet. There are three goals to complete:

  1. Make it to the end.
  2. Collect all the orbs scattered through the level.
  3. Finish the level within a time limit.

There are also leaderboards where you can compete with other players globally or with your friends. So once you complete the level, you can still race for the best time.

Sine the Game screenshot

Not Just a Sine Wave

Once you get used to controlling the sine wave, the game introduces new mechanics to make things more interesting. You will encounter modifiers that change sine to a different mathematical function for a while. Furthermore, in later episodes, some obstacles start moving, testing your quick reactions and focus.

Coherent Level Design

The levels are carefully thought out to introduce different mechanics and teach players one thing at a time. The game follows Kishōtenketsu principles to introduce the mechanics in four stages: Introduction, Development, Twist and Conclusion as the level designer Ondřej describes in detail in his article. With this in mind, players need not feel pressured to master everything at once, but they should rather enjoy the escalating difficulty.

Sine the Game screenshot


Sine the Game is different than most games, yet it is easy to learn and offers many hours of gameplay. You can peacefully play through levels finishing goals at your own pace, or you can try your hardest to get the best time and compete with others in the leaderboards. It’s all up to what you prefer, all while listening to the original synth-wave soundtrack.

Sine the Game is a premium game available from AppStore and Google Play.

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