Shelter 2 animal indie game

Animal games: 7 indie games that let you wreak havoc as an animal

Orwell surveillance indie game

Surveillance games: 6 indie titles to awaken the NSA agent in you

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me”, if you ask Rockwell. Check out our round-up...
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Neo Cab screenshot

Neo Cab – Review

In Neo Cab, we drive passengers in a city where driving is going automated. Did...
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cloud gaming - Shadow logo

Indie Dev Interview: Emmanuel Freund, Blade CEO

Cloud gaming has arrived. With mobile gaming operating almost exclusively in the cloud and Google,...
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Field of Glory Empires Indie screenshot

Eight indie games with which to rewrite history (while you wait for Humankind)

Amplitude Studios’ Humankind won’t be out until 2020, but with these indie strategy titles, you...
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Best Indie Games of 2017 20-11 feature image

The 50 Best Indie Games of 2017: #20 — #11

2017 was a strong year for indie games, and we’re highlighting 50 of the best...
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Burly Men at Sea Review

Burly Men at Sea – Review

A trio of burly, bearded brothers is out to explore and get into all kinds...
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