Morphite is like No Man’s Sky, but with a real story; releasing in September

Inspired by Metroid Prime and Turok, Morphite has you playing as Myrah Kale as she explores space, looking for the elusive material called morphite.

Myrah Kale is out looking for a rare material and also the answers to her past, and you’re going to help her find all of the above. Morphite is what Myrah wants, and it’s also what the game is called, and boy, is this a game that seems to have just about everything.

The game’s lengthy feature list packs in open-ended exploration on both land and space, space combat, puzzle solving, random encounters, resource collection, creature scanning, first-person shooting, platforming, suit upgrading and all within the context of an actual, fully-voiced story. Whew. And did I mention there’s also space stations that may be infested with alien life? Add that to the list.

The trade-off, of course, is that the game bears a low-poly look that seems quite serviceable to these eyes, but might be a dealbreaker (or dealmaker) to you. Here’s a trailer showing off what the game has to offer:

Morphite’s development involves three developers: New York-based Crescent Moon Games, Minneapolis-based We’re Five Games and Blowfish Studios, who hail from Sydney, Australia. It’s not known who’s responsible for what at the moment, but the official website is hosted by Crescent Moon Games, at least.

Balancing so many elements together sounds like it’s going to be a proper tightrope act, but you have to give it to the developer trio for ambition. We’ll find out if they’ve succeeded in achieving it when the game releases within a couple months’ time.

Morphite will release on Steam (PC), PS4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS. It’s scheduled to release on 7th September.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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