My Uncle Merlin is a quirky adventure game about wizards in space

In My Uncle Merlin, you explore space in a wizard’s tower and accept quests that will get you in all kinds of trouble. Also, a dragon is your rocket engine.

Sure, you’ve explored space in all manner of spaceships, but have you explored space in a wizard’s tower with a dragon wrapped around it? My Uncle Merlin is an interactive adventure game that lets you fulfil this crucial fantasy, and it’s under development now at three-man Serbian developer PocketMana. The game will soon go live on Kickstarter, complete with a playable demo, but here’s a first look at it.

My Uncle Merlin screenshot

Being an adventure game, there’s no mention of any kind of combat. Instead, you’ll be talking to colourful characters in space, and performing a variety of acts that may not be considered moral in all corners of the universe. There’s also quests to complete as you explore space, which makes me envision a more light-hearted version of Sunless Skies, the upcoming follow-up to Sunless Sea. In short, it’s a choose-your-adventure-style bit of interactive fiction studded with RPG elements.

PocketMana has also released a brief “Q&A” video about the game (which is more than it seems at first glance), have a look at it below.

The developers are currently fashioning a demo that shows off the first chapter of the game. The full game is expected to have nine chapters, and each playthrough will reveal more about the world. The demo should be available when the game goes live on Kickstarter, which is expected to happen in a couple of weeks.

Have a look at the official website. No platforms or release date have been announced so far, although it seems most likely that the game will release on PC, given the talk of a demo.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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