OneMan: Instant Comedic BADASSERY!

Admit it: you’ve daydreamed being a badass—like one of those famous protagonists battling hordes of enemies, solving countless of crimes, or overcoming hundreds of challenges on their own. You can do it in OneMan.

But of course in the end, all we can do is hilariously emulate these fantasies in the things we do everyday—like say—single-handedly finishing an overwhelming workload so your mates could say you’ve saved the day. Too much to do and only one of you? Hold your head high like a hero and fight through! This is the concept behind OneMan.


Straightforward. Easy to learn. Hard to master. 

It’s a comedic but truthful take on the “one-man-vs-many” cliché placed in a funny context of “expectation-vs-reality”. And it goes right in the feels thanks to the game’s extremely easy mechanics. Because it’s got such a low barrier of entry, players are taken straight to the meat of the fun almost immediately. 

Bite-size with a lot of depth.

It’s small and simple in that it can instantly satisfy your would-be badass cravings in short bursts of fun. A ton of careful planning was made so a lot of features can be integrated without ruining the simplicity of the gameplay. The new v1.1 update packs in a lot of added things detailed in the trailer below:

One dev. One game. OneMan.

The making of OneMan is a story of one person with the dream of creating his very own game. With zero coding knowledge and only a diploma in graphic design, Francis Entereso had to go through learning programming languages and game design from scratch alongside a non-permitting 9 to 5 job. Years of failures later and a complete game was finally born!

Quick fun at your disposal.

OneMan is a hilarious high intensity beat’em up game with hyper-casual ease-of-play. It’s light for quick bursts of fun, but has enough depth to keep you coming back. 

Download on the App Store and get it on Google Play. You can follow the game’s progress on the official website here 

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