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How can you use stats in video games?


Can A Game Be Narrative Without Words?

The vast majority of narrative games use language in some form (text or voice acting)...
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The Darkest Dungeon

The Most Successful Kickstarter-Funded Indie Games

Launching an indie game and considering Kickstarter? In this article Travis Taborek explores the  most...
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How to implement choice in Videogames?

How To Implement Choice in Videogames?

In my last post, I discussed the purpose of narrative in games (to enhance game...
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Savage Boat – A game of sea savaging activities

I am in love of games and I have been playing a lot of games,...
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What Is Narrative in Video Games?

I’ve been making video games for the last three years, as well as have been...
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How to source the best music for your video game

How to source the best music for your videogame? If you type ‘video games’ onto...
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Indie Game Developer Interview With Joe Richardson -Games

Indie Dev Interview: Joe Richardson

This week’s indie dev interview is with Joe Richardson, the man behind The Procession To...
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Gaming VPN - Formats

What’s a gaming VPN? And why are gamers using VPNs?

In a world where every move and decision you make is getting tracked, many players...
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How do I Market an Indie Game?

How to Market an Indie Game?

Getting coverage for games is tough but we hope we can help through our best...
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