Savage Boat – A game of sea savaging activities

I am in love of games and I have been playing a lot of games, that’s why I created Savage Boat. I watched movies about savaging ships that saved lives and ships in accidents and dreamed about this when I was a small child. I had tried to find any games like this ever existed, but I had never succeeded until I decided to create one myself. In this article, I am trying to introduce you the game that I spent one and a haft of year on. You would not find anything like this game.

You might hear famous maritime disasters and warfare at seas. In Savage Boat, you will be the captain who drive savaging machines to save lives and ships. The game is featured through four chapters.

Savage Boat

Chapter I Training and chapter II Master of accident recovery

Chapter I will show you how to play. This consists of 3 orientated sections from basic navigating controls to the how to use additional savaging tools. After that, you are ready to adventure the variety of maritime world. In chapter II, you will act as a hero who drive the modern marvel to save lives and ships from oil firing spills, capsizing leisure ship, collisions in a busy canal to sinking cruise ship which collides with ice bergs.


Chapter III Savage competition and chapter IV Suez Canal crisis 

Chapter III will excite you by guiding you through a savage contest where you have to defeat another heroic captain. It is a race in combination with challenges which you have to be faster than the opponent to be the victor at the end. There will be eight different challenges including icebergs/ door pushing, ship handling, Fire steaming, Tug of War, shooting and cyclone cycle. Don’t be distracted, otherwise you will get hurt.  In chapter IV, you are accidentally involved in a war zone. The Suez Canal crises started after Egypt government nationalized the canal and lock down the entrance of Dead Sea. English, French and Israeli army attack the canal. This is the time when you get involved. Try to service and save a many ships and citizens as you possibly do. Good luck and enjoy!


If you are the one who love to adventure and eager to find something new, you find a cool water to quench your thirst here in the game. The game is now closed test before officially public on Google Play on 15th of September 2020, so don’t miss it. If you can’t wait for this moment, please comment bellow your Gmail address. I will send you a pre-launch version. Furthermore, if you have any comment, feel free to add it bellow.


I have shared with you my game typical content and I hope you like it and support me. You will find nothing like this elsewhere. Don’t forget to save the launch date in your calendar.

You can find more information about the game on: Game For Everyone, Facebook and Twitter @game4everyone

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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