The Dream Machine: Chapter 1 Walkthrough


Welcome to your new apartment! Stuck in the first chapter of The Dream Machine? Figure out what you need to do with our walkthrough!

This walkthrough covers Chapter 1 of The Dream Machine. This walkthrough series covers the game on a puzzle-by-puzzle basis, which involves a lot of backtracking. It also omits side-content that isn’t relevant to the story progression. At all times, it is recommended that you explore the world of The Dream Machine yourself and only consult this walkthrough when you’re really stuck.

The Island

We start the game off with our protagonist, Victor Neff, stuck on a tiny island. It’s time to get going, Victor! Start by picking up the fishing rod and the shovel. Use the shovel to dig the ground, and check the hole you’ve just dug. There should be a worm in it. If there is no worm, keep digging the ground with the shovel until you find a worm, and then pick up the worm. Use the worm on the fishing rod, and then place the fishing rod on the forked branch. Wait until a fish catches the bait (this can take a while), and then reel in the fish. The fish will be still alive in the inventory, so kill it by smashing it against a rock. Now we need to get a fire going. Pick up the three pieces of wood lying on the island, and move the rock between the trees. Pick up the lighter that was under the rock. Use the wood on the fireplace, and then use the lighter on the wood to start up a fire. Put the dead fish on the fire to grill it nice and good. Once the fish is done, pick it up, and use it on yourself to eat it. Victor will find a piece of paper in the belly of the fish. Examine the paper, and you’ll find that it’s a cryptic looking map of the island. The dark spots represent the trees and the rocks, so you’ll have to dig opposite to them. Use your shovel on the ground near the bottom of the screen, and examine the hole you’ve dug. Wakey wakey!

Morning at the Neffs’

Get out of bed and turn that accursed alarm clock off. You should now take the time to explore your apartment thoroughly and meet Victor’s wife Alicia. Go to the kitchen and talk to Alicia. Once you’re done talking to her, pick up the empty box to the left of the screen. Go to the living room and place the box down on the floor. Go back to the kitchen and let Alicia know the dinner table is ready. Go back to the living room and sit down by the box. Once you’ve had your breakfast with Alicia, it’s time to call the caretaker. For that, you first need to find your phone. Go to the nursery and search the open box. Move around the items in the box until you find the telephone, and pick it up. Go to the hallway, and examine the box by the door. Move it, and you’ll find the telephone outlet behind where it was. Connect the telephone to it. You don’t know any numbers yet, though, so you can’t call anyone just yet. Pick up the mail on the doormat. Examine the mail in your inventory, and open the envelope to pick up the letter inside it. Read the letter and also the envelope. Use the telephone and call Prosser & Ankovich. Ask about the caretaker, and they will in turn, ask for your address. If you’ve read the envelope, Victor will tell them the address automatically. When asked for the name, mention ‘Morton’. Once the call is done, pick up the phone again and call Mr Morton. Talk to him, and then explore the apartment until you hear the doorbell. Go back to the Hallway and open the door to meet Mr Morton. Talk to him, and once he’s gone, open the door and step out of the apartment.

DuPont Crest

Call the elevator and you’ll end up meeting your new neighbour, Edie. It seems you’re going to need something to lubricate the elevator doors. Head back into your apartment and go to the bathroom via the kitchen. Pick up the baby oil (red bottle) and go back to the elevator. Use the baby oil on the elevator. Get in the elevator and explore your apartment building. Head to the first floor and then go to the lobby. Talk to the mover and you’ll get a complimentary crowbar. Not very helpful, but it will come in handy in a different way. Go back to your apartment and enter the living room. Examine the ashtray by the window, and you’ll find some crumbled paper. Pick it up and examine it. Rotate the pieces to read what remains of the message on the paper. Go to the bedroom and you’ll notice that the floorboard near the door is now selectable. Use the crowbar to remove the floorboard and then examine what lies underneath. To solve this puzzle, you need to ensure that maximum current reaches the fuse. Rotate the circuit junctions so as to avoid sending the current to resistors. Have a look at the picture below for how it should look. Once the fuse is overloaded, remove the fuse. Place your apartment key where the fuse was. The machine burns out and Victor makes a startling discovery. Examine the camera that just appeared. Once you’re done talking to Alicia, head out of your apartment and take the elevator to the first floor. Examine the window, and use the letter on the key. Then, pick up the key. Use the key on the door to Mr Morton’s office and enter it. Don’t own The Dream Machine? Get it on Steam for PC and Mac!

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