Halloween Forever and the man behind the game

Halloween is nigh, costumes have been made, and Netflix binge sessions have been prepared, but there is something missing – where is the customary Halloween video game? Halloween Forever looks to be that game.

Having released on 26th October, Halloween Forever has already received great reviews on Steam. It is a retro, action platformer with a strong Halloween theme. The player controls Pumpkin Man and you traverse through spooky worlds. You will encounter chainsaw maniacs, undead sorcerers, bats, and skeletons. And, for what it is worth, you can also throw-up candy corn – this game is clearly made to be played on Halloween.

The game touts old-school graphics with a soundtrack reminiscent of early Castlevania and Mega Man games. The gameplay, in a similar vein, is a classic platformer requiring anticipation and reading of enemy patterns to survive. The game offers a strong challenge with a variety of boss battles and two difficulties: standard and hardcore.

Halloween Forever Trailer

Halloween Forever is a great achievement for lone developer Peter Lazarski, but upon greater research it becomes apparent that he is also a talented webcomics writer. Since 2009 he has produced webcomics on a bi-weekly basis. The comics include Grizzledude Tales and Catacombs, which are both Halloween inspired. His website Imaginary Monsters is a haven for Halloween lovers.

Prior to Halloween Forever, Peter Lazarski in collaboration with Matt Leffler have also made Deathstate. It is another Halloween inspired game, but with a roguelike, bullet hell, single stick shooting focus.

Deathstate Trailer

To best understand Pater Lazarski and the passion that goes into his games and comics is this quote on his website, “I love Halloween and wish it could never end.”

If you feel the same or just want a fun retro game to play, Halloween Forever is available on Steam for PC for at a great price of £3.99.

Do not hesitate to also view his webcomics on his website Imaginary Monsters.


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